TITLE: The McLean & Hoyne EP
ARTIST: T.O.S. (aka Timothy Shumaker)
RELEASE: July 1, 1999

Track Listing

1.Only When I'm Late
2.Dark & Lovely
3.Slide Rule
4.Hong Min

  Audio Samples for NT008: "Only When I'm Late"  


NT008 marks the first release on the label by a foreign producer, and what better way to begin than with this four-track EP from Chicagoan Tim Shumaker. Deep house for the dancefloor? A dash of tech bizness for the harder compadres? You be the judge...but with "The McLean & Hoyne Ep" Tim can definately be seen emerging from the shadow of his famous roomate. You may also recognize Tim's work, including singles for Ideal, Earthtones, Choice Cuts & Doghouse".

Wax Magazine 08.99 MACLEAN & HOYNE (Nordic Trax) Only When I'm Late' is a warmly moody deep excursion, insistent bass, moody keys and little vocal snippets that imply something rude. 'Dark and Lovely' is a techno beastie that would rock a harder floor. 'Slide Rule' spacily warps into an ethereal vocal, very 4am. 'Hong Min' has a Detroit moment or too in there. A thoughtful release and well useful.

Discoid- Italian Dance Magazine July 99 NORDIC TRAX The Canadian N.T. continue to propose good material for all those that like the more deeper sounds. McLean & Hoyne e.p. by T.O.S. (aka the Chicago producer of Tim Shumaker) is another good example. Four smoking tracks of an old skool house flavour.

Echoes Magazine July 99 T.O.S. McLEAN & HOYNE EP NORDIC TRAX Two nice deep house cuts on this four track EP serve as a nice introduction for any of you yet to discover the Nordic Trax vibe. Only When I'm Late is the killer, a deep and dark house stomp, speckled with breathy vocal snips, ominous horn stabs and a wicked little bass line. Hong Min repeats the formula, with lots of old school Chicago touches and bags of attitude. Check it.