NT028 -CD

TITLE: "Button-Down Beats"
Various Artists


1. Gavin Froome - Fuzz
2. Scott Findley - Downtime
3. Tom Churchill - Whatever Else
4. Lobby - TJ And Rio
5. Quadra - Sexy Beast
6. Tom Churchill - One Eleven
7. Jon Delerious - Desa Vibes
8. Gavin Froome - Jang Mo
9. Rebeat - Spirit
10. Lars Behrenroth - Marble
11. Galapago - Trotando Mundo
12. Duende 6 - In Dreaming
13. Morgan Page - What I've Seen
14. Scott Findley - Deepen It (Luke's Late Nite Mix)

  Audio Samples for NT028: "BDB"    
TJ & Rio
Sexy Beast


An original downtempo selection from Vancouver's highly-regarded Nordic Trax imprint. "Button-Down Beats" includes new material from NT artists Gavin Froome, Jon Delerious, Scott Findley and Tom Churchill" as well as exclusive tracks from up and coming producers in Mexico, Finland and Germany.
Vancouver is know for a few things: it's burgeoning night life, liberal attitude and some leafy green herb that people have been known to smoke on occasion. The city is also known for the always-reliable Nordic Trax label, which has delivered a delightful downtempo CD called "Button-Down Beats". The artists on this comp most of whom are primarily known for their house and deep tech grooves, try their hand at the making the slow and low - and they succeed with flying colors. Highlights include Tom Churchill's sexy mid-tempo house jam "Whatever Else" and Quadra's moody "Sexy Beast". DIY's Churchill takes us back to old school days of acid jazz with "One Eleven," by far one of the strongest tracks on the album. Our man in Calgary, Jon Delerious, keeps it simple yet sexy with his trip-hoppy "Desa Vibes." It will have you dusting off all your old Mo' Wax records in no time. This is the perfect after-hours chill-out cocktail.
Mark E. Quark, Minty Magazine

For much of the 14-track Nordic Trax collection "Button-Down Beats", the vibe is head-nodding downbeat immersed in a hazy downtempo nu-jazz stew. Vancouver's Gavin Froome lays down a spacious groove in the album-opening "Fuzz" before LA's Scott Findley follows it up with the equally sassy, horn-happy "Downtime." Things get a bit dull here and there, but Germany's Lars Behrenroth kicks it up a notch with snazzy, percussion-friendly beats on "Marble", before Galapago's Latin rhythms take over your backside on "Trotando Mondo." "Button-Down Beats, meanders a bit but its breezy vibes are just too strong to ignore.
Tim Pratt, XLR8R Magazine

Vancouver's acclaimed House imprint serve up something a little out of the ordinary with this fresh downbeat compilation. Combining works from established Nordic Trax artists and others, they've come up with a winner. Keeping the deepness you've come to expect from the imprint, combined with slower beats, this album represents a similar vibe to their uptempo outings. Tom Churchill's "Whatever Else" is a delicate smooth number, with a melancholic shivering bass, winding keys and a bright synth. Gavin Froome's "Jang Mo" takes a clean attention-grabbing synth, rastafied vocal cuts and pure unadulterated keys on a sublime deeper than deep journey. Lobby's "TJ & Rio" is a blissful keyed mission, where a raw grooving guitar, chilled kit percussion, indescribably beautiful synth and at peace strings transport you away. "Deepinit" by Scott Findley rounds things off, courtesy of uncompromising beats, ice cool keys, organ touches, a solemn horn and a dubbified bass. Chilled out music with a heart and a soul.
Jon Freer

Vancouver's reputation as a hotbed of house music is well-deserved and the center of the scene has long been the Nordic Trax label. This downtempo-oriented imprint has hit its stride in the international scene lately with excellent full-length releases from Vancouver's Gavin Froome and Boston's Morgan Page as well as club plates from everyone from Calgary's Jon Delerious to Wales, Tom Churchill, whose pumping "Whatever Else" is one of this 14-track compilation's finest moments. There are many more from Helsinki's Rebeat's wonky "Spirit" to Vancouver drum 'n' bassers, Quadra's spooky "Sexy Beast."
***1/2 / 5 Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Province

From the far reaches of space, in its purest downtempo form, Nordic Trax delivers a collection of original, albeit newer releases from NT's roster and beyond. The vibes is sensual and thick with "broken, mid and downtempo tracks from the likes of Gavin Froome on the uplifting, string driven "Jang Mo", Vancouver's very own drum'n'bass outfit Quadra with the moody "Sexy Beast", Bostonian Morgan Page presents the sublime "What I've Seen" from his NT full length "Drifting Into View", while Mexican artist Lobby gives up the rhythmic chime of "TJ and Rio". While many would be quick to disqualify this as yet another recipe for "chill-out" fine dining, "Button-Down Beats" is more of a midnight snack than an early breakfast.
Danny Legare, Capital Magazine